EBD Water softeners provide continuous soft water supply at the lowest possible costs. The produced high quality softened water is ideal for boiler feed, cooling towers, process and manufacturing plants, and all other applications requiring low or zero hardness water.
 Typical Features
 Solenoid Valves or Stagers easily activating the Diaphragm Valve, in    automatic, semi-automatic or manual mode.

 Completely pre-assembled systems, ready for connections to water,    drains and electrical lines.

 High capacity and superior quality resins, providing years of uninterrupted    operation.

 Typical ion exchange resin capacity of 30,000 grains per cubic foot at 15    pounds per cubic foot salt dosage.

 Tanks designed to 100 psig ASME Code from carbon steel (with internal    epoxy lining) or graded fiberglass.

 Manholes and clean out connections provided in the top head and side    shell.

 Structural steel legs on steel vessels, and reinforced support system on    fiber glass vessels.

 PVC Header and lateral design of the underdrain system provides efficient    collection of soft water and distribution of backwash water. Top distribution    system provides even flow of inlet water preventing channeling within the    resin bed.

 Brine tank of polyethylene construction, equipped with float valve system.

 Regeneration initiated by switch, time clock or water meter controller. The    regeneration sequence is controlled by mechanical Timer/Relay or PLC.
 EBD Range of Water Softeners
 EBD Water manufactures a wide range of water softeners with diameters ranging from 18 inches to 48 inches using GRP vessels, and from 36 inches to 130 inches using welded steel vessels.

 The EBD Water softeners are available in simplex, duplex or multiple arrangement.
 Optional Accessories
 Batch flow meter
 Time clock
 Hardness meter
 External signal initiation
 Programmable Logic Controller
 Pilot solenoid valves
 Pneumatic actuated valves.
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