The After Sales Commitment
EBD is fully committed to customers’ satisfaction. Our commitment, which starts at the early stage of the design process, is continued through each of the Engineering, Supply, Installation, Start-up and Maintenance stages.

Our maintenance efforts are conducted within a comprehensive After Sales Service program, addressing the specific end users’ needs.
 Flexibility and Reliability
EBD offers a full range of Reverse Osmosis membranes, covering different types of materials, sizes and configurations.

As a certified license and/or OEM to all major membranes manufacturers. EBD will use sophisticated computer softwares to select the element that best suits your application. EBD will back up its selection by a three year membrane warranty and a one year performance Guarantee.
 Available Selection
Reverse Osmosis Elements in two different configurations are available : Hollow Fine Fiber or Spiral-Wound.

EBD will supply the Hollow Fine Fiber products, known as permeators, manufactured by Dupont. The permeator is supplied in a complete shell, usually of 4 or 8 inch diameter.

The Spiral-Wound products, known as membranes can be supplied from 4 major manufacturers. Namely Dow Chemical Filmtec, Fluid Systems, Hydranautics and Trisep. The membranes, mainly Cellulose Acetate or Thin Film Composite Polyamide, have a 4 inch or 8 inch diameter.

All Reverse Osmosis elements are available in different membrane areas, offering a range of permeate flows.
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