EBD Water pressure filters provide the most effective methods of removing suspended solids, turbidity, iron, color, odor, and other particulates from the raw water. The produced high quality filtered water is suitable for the pretreatment of feedwater to Reverse Osmosis desalination plants, potable water systems, wastewater re-use, and other wide range of applications.
 The Filtration Solution
Raw feedwater is introduced at the top of the filter vessel under pressure and flows downward through the filter media. During the downward flow of raw water, most of the suspended solids are trapped in the uppermost layer of the media, while some are captured in the void spaces between the filter media particles. Also, some dissolved impurities are adsorbed or absorbed in the filter media. The filter media may react with the dissolved impurities or may act as a catalyst to initiate reaction.

For treatment of raw water containing suspended solids, sand is the most common media. Coarse media such as anthracite is added to the uppermost layer of the sand media when filtering raw water with relatively high suspended solids such as wastewater. The coarse media will retain larger particles that cause premature blinding of the sand media.

The combination of filter media of various sizes and densities arranged in layers, provides high filtration efficiency as the entire depth of the bed is utilized. Depth filtration is effective and achieves longest filter runs.

Removal of dissolved iron or manganese in raw water can be achieved using Manganese, Greensand or BIRM. BIRM is a proven media effective in precipitating dissolved iron and manganese in water, without the addition of chemicals.

Most organic impurities causing taste and odor can be effectively removed using activated carbon media. Activated carbon media is also effective in removing chlorine, toxic impurities and substances suspected of causing cancer.
 EBD Range of Pressure Filters
EBD Water manufactures a wide range of pressure filters with diameters ranging from 18" to 48" using vertical GRP vessels, from 30" to 130" for vertical welded steel vessels, and from 48" to 144" for horizontal welded steel vessels. The pressure filters can be supplied as a single unit or multiple units. Multiple filter arrangement can be in series or parallel. The pressure filters can be supplied with manual or automatic valves for backwashing. For manually backwashed filters, globe, butterfly, diaphragm, and multi-port valves are normally used. Automatically backwashed filters use butterfly, diaphragm and multi-port valves with electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic actuators.
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